Saturday, August 22, 2015

Meet Churro!

This photo only credit: hp

This little Syrian hamster is quite the character.  He lives in the top half of a critter nation cage and has a big Wobust Wodent Wheel now.

I took the litter box out.

Here he is on his balcony eating a peanut butterman cookie (itty bitty buddy biscuits that look like gingerbread men)

He's about 10 weeks old now and we are working on his socialization.  He doesn't run in terror from me and takes treats from my hand.  That is a start. :)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Nutella leaves us

I'm sad to announce that Nutella left us today.  I went in for the evening feeding and found him curled up and not moving.  He was originally a shy little guy that really came to be very gregarious following his illness where I had to medicate him essentially four times a day.  Twice a day with probiotics and twice with antibiotics.  He came to need to be pet and played with.  He didn't enjoy extensive holding just interacting with your hands when you fed him.  He was well over 3 years old at his passing.  He will be greatly missed.

Rest in peace little Nutella.

Nutella is wrapped here because he's about to get his probiotics.  I love this picture because he looks like he is going to the spa.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sadly Avalon has left us

Sadly one of my PEW mice Avalon, has passed.  She is survived by her sister Lola.  She was at least a year old.  I really will miss this little girl and hopefully her sister won't be so sad.  Rest in peace little Avalon.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Reeses has passed

Sadly Reeses has left us.  He passed away today.  He is survived by his brother, Nutella.  He was 3-years-old.  Rest in peace little guy.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Assistance to other rescues

Small animal rescues tend to band together to assist each other where they can.  Particularly since most operate on a minimal budget.

We've been trying to help out where we can for the Baseline Church Guinea pigs (Beaverton, Oregon),, by assisting the group with food and bedding needs.

To date, we've provided
November 2014: 10 pounds of guinea pig food, 4 white fleece blankets, 37 pounds of Aspen Bedding

December 2014: 74 pounds of aspen bedding and 50 pounds of Oxbow Guinea pig food.

Additionally FATE has donated a large cage to Best Friend Rodent Rescue in Everett, Washington in December 2014.  This cage was purchased when it was found up for sale as it was used and $20 vs. New and $100.00.

And finally, a 33# bag of Harlan 2018 was sent to the Small Animal Rescue Society of BC.  (Yes in Canada.)  This group has taken MANY animals in from the United States.

We'd like to thank our donors for making these donations possible.